KS.CRM Core Framework

Extensible Customer Relationship Management with Plug-In Interface

FreeWare - For Windows XP to Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit) and MS-SQL Server

KS.CRM Core Framework is a modular Customer-Relationship-Management System, completely written in C#/DotNet for the Microsoft SQL-Server.

It works with the free SQL-Server Express version, not included in this setup.

The program offers 4 different caching strategies which make it suitable for different environments: starting from a small local database with just a few users up to a huge enterprise database with hundreds or more users. Select the strategy in the program under menu Extras->Options.

KS.CRM uses the latest database technologies such as async parallel data access through Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS).

KS.CRM is Ready for the Cloud, you could host the SQL Server somewhere on the net, or you could use Microsoft Azure Cloud SQL-Database as the service-provider for your database. But you are not bound to it, at the end you decide if you'd like to host your data somewhere or drive your own SQL Server.

KS.CRM Core Framework is free to use without charge and without any limitations.

KS.CRM Features:

  • Native 64-bit on 64-bit systems, full unicode support
  • Contact management (distinguishes between companies and persons), appointments and favorites
  • Designed for use with millions of rows and many users
  • Import from many data sources. 32-bit launcher for 32 bit data sources.
  • Modular design with 'plug-in' interface
  • Super fast through virtual mode and data paging
  • Async parallel data access using MARS
  • Super fast import using the BulkCopy provider. Chunked to minimize memory usage.
  • Super slim through massive inheritance
  • Robust data model, entirely transaction based processing
  • More plug-in's under construction
  • MS-Word and Excel integration


System Requirements

  • MS-Windows
  • DotNet Framework 4.0 (already installed on most computers)
  • Microsoft SQL-Server 2005 or above, Express version or above

This is the main application as shown above.

~ 4.0 MB

Version 2.1.7

25 languages can be chosen in menu Extras: český, danske, deutsch, ελληνικά, english, español, eesti, suomalainen, français, हिंदी, hrvatski, magyar, Icelandic, italiano, 日本人, Nederlands, norsk, português, русский, slovenský, slovenščina, svenska, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe, 中国的


  • Install the Microsoft SQL-Server, the free Express-Version is enough.
  • Install the KS.CRM SetUp
  • Run KS.CRM
  • The program leads you through the setup of the database on the server. Log in as a user that has enough rights to create a new database.
  • Import some data, many different data-sources are supported
  • Some sample data for testing can be found here.

We'd like to support you with the installation if you have any questions.

Safe KS.CRM Core Framework Freeware file

If you have problems installing the database or accessing the SQL-Server, we would like to help. Most questions regarding connection problems are answered in this blog.

More useful tips and hints can be found in the KS.CRM Online Help

KS.CRM PlugIn Marktplatz

The KS.CRM marketplace is open

Here you can find an overview to all available KS.CRM plugins

Read more..

Beside the free version, two products are available for developers:

  • KS.CRM PlugIn SDK
  • KS.CRM Core Framework Source-Code License

The PlugIn SDK allows the development of new plug-ins.

The Source-Code License offers you the complete sources of the core application and all PlugIns, that belong to the core, PlugIn SDK included.

The Plug-In Software-Development-Kit (SDK) offers you the following

You create your own PlugIns for KS.CRM

  • .. for the purpose of selling them to the public
  • with your license aggreement and for your price
  • You will get best technical support to implement your project
  • You stay independent from Kroll-Software and you can do with your PlugIn's what you like
  • Optionally you can decide to offer it on the KS.CRM Marketplace
  • If you have good ideas, but no money at all, please ask for a free SDK license.

The source-code license offers you the following advantages:

Use it as a foundation or starting point for your own development

Why reinventing the wheel? You can start with a well designed and proven concept where you add new features with minimal effort. You and your clients can save time and money. Your customers benefit from a consecutive development of the core application and can add more PlugIns, when available.

If you have a high security demand

High security is not only demanded in administration, military or medical services, etc. As a general business you will benefit from having the full sources of the application, with wich you work everyday and which you commit your critical data.

It's always good to know, that you are completely independent from a special vendor and that you could maintain this application on your own, when needed.

So you are always on the save side when deciding for the source-code license.

Price List

KS.CRM Core Framework Application
KS.CRM Plug-In Software-Development-KIT (SDK)

The Software-Development-Kit allows you to create, publish and sell your own Plug-In's for KS.CRM.

€ 399,- *
KS.CRM Core Framework Source-Code Lizenz

Includes the C# sources of the main application and of all PlugIns/DLL's that are part of the Core Framework. This license also includes a Plug-In SDK license.

€ 3.200,- *

 *) All prices are net amounts. If and how much VAT you have to pay depends on how and from where you place your order. More information can be found on the Shop Page


Both licenses include free updates for at least 3 years (!)

Credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club

Secure payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal
via the company Share-it Digital River GmbH, Koeln

What you can do with the Source-Code License:

  • Build adapted versions for yourself and for your customers
  • Development and selling of new PlugIns
  • Using parts of the sources in other projects
3 things that you must not do with the sources:

  1. Publishing the sources or give them away to 3rd parties
  2. Removing the copyright notes
  3. Using the sources to develop a standard-software product that directly competes with the KS.CRM Core Framework

If you have any questions regarding this product or the ordering process,
please don't hesitate to contact us
by email or phone: +41-41-5351767 (Switzerland)

'KS' is an abbreviation for 'Kroll-Software', what just means, that this is a CRM made by Kroll-Software. It shouldn't be confused with other CRM's from other vendors, who accidentally have a similar name.

Software directories are welcome. Download the kscrm_pad.xml file for this product.