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BulkMailer 2012 Professional

Send your newsletters and other bulk emails with this reliable mailer.
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FuzzyDupes 2012

Fuzzy duplicate search in (address-) databases.
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ProjectPlanner 2011 FreeWare

Plan your projects and resources with this free Project-Management software.
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MP3db 2012 Shareware

This database for MP3 files turns your PC into a jukebox.
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InterReg 2014

Interpolation / Regression
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KS.CRM Core Framework - FreeWare Customer Relationship Management

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Components for Developers

KS-Gantt Control for DotNet WinForms

Extend your DotNet applications with Project-Management capabilities.
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Download the demo and start with your own Plug-In
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FuzzyDupes:NET Assembly

Integrate our Duplicate Search into your custom DotNet applications.
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FuzzyDupes:COM Component 5.7

Integrate our Duplicate Search into your custom applications.
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Kroll-Software Services

In the past years we did some projects with local customers.
Read more about our references in this area.