Resource Allocations

Add Resources

Use menu Edit->Add Resource [F8] and add some resources to your project.

Assign Resources to Tasks

Double-click on a task to edit it's properties.

  1. Go to tab Resources and add one or more resources to this task.
  2. Set the assigned Units for each allocation, usually 100%.
  3. Select the desired Task-Type on the first tab, to define how work or units should be calculated.

Assigning resources to a task will enable some things:

Resources, Work and Skills

You can assign more than one resource to a task.

When work is computed with the formula Work = Duration * Units, different resources are cumulated in one Work-Item called other/all.

But the work can be more differentiated and splitted into different skills. Each resource can have different skills, and work can be splitted into these skills.

For this case, you can enter different Work-Items and say, what skill is needed to do the work. Then you select (check) some resources with this skill as the preferred resources for this work/job. These resources should also be assigned and listed under the resources tab for that task. The programm then knows what resource should be associated with this work-item.

There is always one default work-item with the skill other/all, where all resources are bundled, that can't be assigned to a specific skill.

When you added one ore more work-items with specified skills, you can remove the other/all work-item. In this case, only resources with the needed skills can be added to the task.

Also give a hint to the solver, how many resources can be assigned to a work-item by setting Max Entities (Max. Ent.). Any other value than Zero will limit the number of resources, that can be assigned to this item.

In most cases it is good enough not to define differentiated work-items. This feature goes beyond of what most other project management applications offer.

Resources on the MS-SQL Server

When storing your projects on a MS-SQL Server, all resources and skills will be managed globally and are available for all projects.

You should always remember, that when updating a resource on the SQL-Server, this change will affect all projects in the database.

Resource allocations from other projects in the database are displayed ghosted in the Resource-Chart.