Durations are entered in the form

days hours minutes


3d 4h 15m
3d 4h
3d 15m
4h 15m

..d..h..m is supported in any language to enter a duration. Other languages also support their own abbreviations and use them for display.

Duration Types

ProjectPlanner 2014 knows two Duration-Types:

Full Working Days   Humans want to say: A task should last 3 days (and 4 hours), regardless of the working hours in the underlaying calendar. e.g. 3d 4h
Working Hours   Durations are measured exactly in hours and minutes without considering the days. e.g. 48h 15m

A duration of Full Working Days is not always exactly defined with crazy calendars. But we found it still usefull, because this is what humans want to say in many cases.

If you are depending on exact calculations without strange effects in combination with strange calendars, you should use Working Hours as the default Duration-Type.

Automatic Duration-Types

When entering durations in the data-grid or for the delay of a Task-Dependency, the duration type is auto detected. Whenever you enter a value for days, it will be set to Full Working Days. When you only set hours and/or minutes, it is set to Working Hours.