When starting MP3db the first time, the options dialog is shown. This dialog is accessible later under menu Extras->Options.

Default: "MP3db.mdb" at My Files. You can leave this unchanged.

MP3db will create a new database file if the file does not exist.

This entry is most important. The program can only find files in such directories, which are selected here.

Enter the root directories of your hard drive(s), or better: Click on the plus sign and select some directories where you save your audio files. Different entries are delimited by a colon.

Modern hard-drives can be huge. You can speed up the scanning process by selecting your directories that contain music. So that the program doesn't need to scan the entire drive.

You can select directories from fixed hard drives and external or removable media as well, or directories from your network.

Example: C:\;D:\;E:\mp3\;\\Orion\mp3

Choose between the integrated player, WinAmp or another player.

You can get a free version of WinAmp at

Another very popular player is VLC.

When using the integrated player, please select the preferred device for playback.

With professional sound cards, you can achieve the best sound quality by selecting the ASIO driver.